Friday, 3 June 2016

Gain a new lease of life from chronic pain through hydrocodone painkillers

Dealing with pain is not easy but sometimes you are left with no option but trying to cope through constant pain. Chronic pain is a type of pain condition that’s lasts for at least six months without showing any signs of improvement. The main characteristic of chronic pain is its long lasting nature. Often a misconception is made about chronic pain in that many people confuse chronic with severe pain. The pain can be either mild, moderate or even severe in nature what makes it chronic is that it persists day after day without showing any signs of improvement. In this article we look to throw some light on the difficulties faced by patients of chronic pain disorders as well as having an understanding about how medications of hydrocodone which are used to provide pain management for chronic pain work.
Chronic pain- the difficulties
The biggest obstacle that a patient faces when dealing with chronic pain is finding equilibrium between the pain and daily functioning. When you are dealing with pain for such long periods dealing with the pain takes precedence over all other matters. Therefore each day can be a battle to maintain sanity. Chronic pain is not just a manifestation of constant physical pain but also has a strong emotional undercurrent to it. The emotional impact of chronic pain is as severe as the physical impact. That is why you will often find patients of chronic pain disorders complain about symptoms of anxiety, stress or even depression affecting them. These emotional symptoms can actually increase the symptoms of pain that a patient is experiencing. Emotional vulnerability can also magnify the intensity of pain making even minor pain feel completely unbearable. That’s why coping with chronic pain is extremely difficult as it emotional and physically wears a person down.
Why pain management is necessary?

Opioid painkillers like Hydrocodone pills are often prescribed for patients suffering from severe chronic pain. Now opioid painkillers aren’t a cure for chronic pain but what they do provide is a relief from constant often unbearable pain. This relief is very important and often the first step towards recovery when dealing with chronic pain. opioids work by binding to the receptors in the brain as well as central nervous system as a result it provides an instant reduction in pain symptoms.
Sometimes however opioids are combined with another painkiller known as acetaminophen. Acetaminophen is a mild painkiller that is ineffective against severe pain if used individually. But when combined with an opioid it forms a powerful painkiller. Why? Mainly because acetaminophen increases the absorption of opioids in the body. As a greater amount of opioids are absorbed a greater pain protection is achieved despite the fact that concentration of opioids in this formulation remains same as before.
What to remember before buying opioid painkillers?
It’s important to remember that medications of hydrocodone acetaminophen 5-325 aren’t intended for long term use. This is because if opioids are taken regularly and in large doses it can become habit forming. Addiction to opioid pain medication can be dangerous as it will mean that opioids are taken not for its pain reducing properties but rather for the ‘high’ that it creates. Alcohol should be avoided with opioids as it could lead to a life threatening reaction

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